We have all heard of the pre-loaded SEO VPS server floating around out there in the net.  All of these provide the promise of licensed software at an affordable rate for first time online marketers and SEO specialists.  I would like to take the time for you review a few regarding the software these types of services offer and how to optimize them to match your needs!


1.SEnuke XCr

SEnuke XCr happens to be used for a lot of years as a top linked to the line automated article submission software.  With a VPS server you can set up your campaigns to run for weeks, days or even months out and log from the server and allow it to run. This will make use of the VPS’s resources rather than your house computer causing one to be a lot more time to accomplish other daily tasks. The turbo wizard allows for quick campaign setup and with the addition of free captcha cracking you can easily run this with little or no overhead.


2.Money Robot

Money Robot is the latest kid regarding the block when it comes to web 2.0 submissions. You can easily schedule social bookmarking campaigns, wiki link campaigns and much more.  The program itself comes with basic captcha cracking however when teamed up along with the free automated it is an unstoppable backlinking machine.



Gscraper is the best dark horse when considering to building blog comment backlinks. This software will storm thought the web creating backlink mayhem on just about any blog platform it is simple to scrape. If you have a tier 2 list that you need to have indexed and ranked I would personally make usage of this little jewel when you appear during the infinite loop mode making use of the built in AA lists and proxies.


Above are just a few configuration choices for your SEO VPS server.  I believe by using these low cost options for licensed software and low overhead you can benefit greatly by investing in one single today!  I personally use BHS Solutions as they've been around for over 4 years and have been the essential stable for my campaigns.